Now when you have two or three kids, this can be a very good space-saving option as all the beds are restricted to one side of the room. In addition, you can pull out the futon bed when needed.

If you have only 2 kids, this bed can still be useful when they have a sleep-over, or you want to spend the night in their room to look after a sick child. The advantages of investing in this type of bed are just plenty.

Kids have a way of occupying every inch of space in your home. No matter how much you clean, they can fill up the place in no time. The toys they own are ever-increasing, and the space in their bedroom is ever decreasing. What is the solution for this? Especially when you have more than one kid?

The simplest and the best option for this is futon bunk beds.

A futon bunk bed is a bed that comes with a sofa on the lower level and a bed on the upper level. The sofa can be pulled out to make it a full bed. Some futon bunk beds come with a pull-out bed at the bottom hidden away in a draw, too.


Why A Futon Bunk Bed

Multiple Beds – As mentioned above, a futon bunk bed allows you to have multiple beds in the space of one. If you have just one child now but plan on expanding the family, this can be a wise one-time investment. You need not change the furniture as your family gets bigger.

More Space – Kids need a lot of space to run around and play in. Keeping them in a congested room cluttered with toys and furniture will do them no good. It will only make them less inclined to keep things clean and organized.

Mess-Free – When you have bunk beds stacked to one corner of a room, it is easier for you – as a parent to keep the room clean. It is always easier to pick up toys right off the floor rather than hunting them under the beds.

Separate Space – Though this is close to impossible with kids, having a bunk bed will separate their sleeping area from their playing area. Since they have more room on the floor and other furniture in the room, they will not sit on their beds to study or play. This helps kids grow up with discipline regarding space.

Multi-Purpose – You can use the futon bunk bed as a sofa during the day and change it into a full-size bed at night. This saves a lot of space and enables you to use the same furniture in different ways.

Loft Bed – A loft bed is also a type of bunk bed that does not have a bed on the lower level. It has a desk and working space with a bed on top. Some designs come with a seating area to the side of the desk, which can be pulled out to reveal a full futon bed. This enables your kids to have desk space and two beds, all in the floor space of one single bed.